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Biodiesel club

Kiki Wagner, Of the Talon Staff

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Biodiesel club had their first meeting of the year with at least 25 members present.

Biodiesel meets every Monday and mainly focuses on making Biodiesel from waste vegetable oil. Biodiesel is a fuel made from vegetable oils or recycled restaurant grease. Biodiesel is efficient because it is biodegradable and produces less air pollutants than petroleum-based diesel.

Biodiesel has many other projects such as making glycerin soap, working on the trucks, or in the garden. At the first meeting, Darrin Peters, science teacher and sponsor of biodiesel,  demonstrated how to turn soybeans into vegetable oil that gets used to turn into Biodiesel.

The Biodiesel club first started about ten years ago after Peters gave a lecture about making diesel fuel out of restaurant grease in one of his Organic Chemistry classes.

Peters said, “One of my girls went home that night and researched all that online… and asked if we could that as a lab and that’s how the whole thing started” Peters said.

Biodiesel has grown significantly since they into a group of about twenty people trying to make a more efficient and healthier way of diesel.

One of their main focuses this year in Biodiesel is a project called the Supermileage project.

“The students are going to get a three horsepower engine and they are going to build a car based on that engine,” Peters said explaining the Supermileage project, “They enter that car into a competition in April and compete against other high school teams throughout the state. The car with the best gas mileage wins.” Supermileage meets every fifth hour in the Biodiesel shed and only has about four people on the team. I talked to senior Jack McCormick who has been doing biodiesel since freshman year and is also apart of the Supermileage project.

“We are hoping it (the supermileage car) will get an upwards of a 250 miles per the gallon” said McCormick.

Not many other schools use Biodiesel and the Supermileage team hopes they will win the competition.

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