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Senior breaks soccer assist record

Hilpert makes history with 43 assists

Charlie Walters, Of The Talon Staff

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On Aug. 9, 2016, with a pass to junior Corey Goede, senior captain Colin Hilpert broke the school’s record for most career assists.

Summit won the game 1-0 against Lafayette due to Hilpert’s record breaking pass. Hilpert said that it was a relief in a way to finally break it.

“Mid-season last year was when it came to my attention that I could actually possibly break it,” Hilpert said. “It’s been in the back of my mind all this time so it was nice to finally get to focus more on the overall game.”

The previous record was forty-one assists set by Jeffrey Keeve during his career from 2004-2006. Hilpert currently holds the record with forty-three assists as of August 9. Junior co-captain Billy Hency said he’s proud of Hilpert and his accomplishments

“He’s put in so much hard work throughout his years and he has the best work ethic out of all the people I know,” Hency said.

Coach Chris Kappler said he was happy for Hilpert and believes Hilpert deserved to leave this legacy in the program.

“Colin has all the necessary tools that make him an all-around good player,” Kappler said. “He’s got a lot of speed and intelligence on the field, which is probably the best part of his game.”

Kappler also said he believes Hilpert is an extremely unselfish player which is why he holds the assist record.

“Hilpert doesn’t mind being the guy to dish the ball off or give it up,” Kappler said. “He’s a team first type of player and as the season goes on and he adds more assists, it’s going to be a really tough record to break.”

Hilpert was voted captain of the varsity boys soccer team during his junior year. As a captain, Hilpert says he tries to keep everyone focused and connected with the coaches.

“Sometimes clear communication is hard between the adults and players,” Hilpert said. “Since the team is all so close, I make sure what the coaches say is clear to the whole team so we can all be on the same page.”

Kappler said Hilpert is one of the best captain he’s coached and he unites the team for a common goal.

“It’s easy to see all the respect the other players on the team have for him,” Kappler said. “He’s a great leader and he brings everyone together.”

Hilpert says he believes the season is going pretty well. He says he couldn’t have broken the record without the positive atmosphere of the team which motivates everyone to perform well and give it their all on the field.

“We still have a lot of room for improvement, which I expect from everyone including myself,” Hilpert said.

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Senior breaks soccer assist record