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Rockwood hosts annual safety fair at Summit

Tyler Patterson, Web Editor

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Rockwood held their annual safety fair on Sunday, April 24th with the anti-drug coalition.  There were many different organizations that showed up including, AIR (Addiction IS Real), DARE, KSHE 95, The Fenton Fire Department, Preferred Family Healthcare, and several others.  The biggest setup was from AIR who had set up a mock bedroom that was supposed to represent the average teenager bedroom.  Inside the mock bedroom there were 70 places that drugs could have been hidden.  The KSHE 95 mascot Sweet Meat was also there walking around taking pictures with people and supporting the anti-drug cause.   All of the organizations that were there instruct people that the best way to prevent your children from doing drugs as a teenager and an adult is to start talking to them as early as possible.  The A.I.R website provides parents with print-out sheets that give instructions on how to start talking to your children as early as 4 and 5 years old.  

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Rockwood hosts annual safety fair at Summit