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College scare

Attack at Ohio State leaves students and staff frightened

Isabella Eslick, Of The Talon staff

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At Ohio State University (OSU), 11 people were injured in a vehicle and knife attack on Nov. 28.

The attack happened at 9:52 A.M. when the suspect drove his car over a curb near Watts Hall and hit the people there, according to CNN. The attacker was Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born student in the logistics management program who had just transferred to OSU from Columbus State University this semester. Freshman chemistry major and Summit alumna Olivia Boden said the attack was unexpected.

“It just happened. I wasn’t expecting it all,” Boden said. “The fire alarm had gone off in my dorm, so we had to evacuate. When we got back inside, we got notifications from the school saying ‘Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight,’ and the location of the attack. My roommate was in the bathroom when I got the message, so I told her ‘There’s an active shooter on campus. You may want to get out of the shower.’”

Artan’s attack hospitalized 11 people after driving his car through a crowd then pulling a knife out and slashing people. There was no gun involved until Campus Officer Alan Horujko shot and killed Artan after he failed to obey orders. It is suspected that the incident was an act of terror. Investigators are currently analyzing his belongings to find a connection to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). None of the victims passed away; some injuries were worse than others. The Columbus Dispatch said most of those injured only encountered minor to moderate injuries. Boden, a member of the marching band, said the only victim she knew was senior Anthony DiCocco, a welding engineering major who is also in the band.

“He’s a trombone section leader. I know for sure he suffered a broken ankle and a fractured skull. He’s going to be out for the rest of our season because of surgeries and stuff like that. It’s sad because he is a senior and he’s missing his last chance of playing at a bowl game. I don’t technically know him; I know of him because he’s a section leader. Still, we all feel for him since he is our band family member,” Boden said.

As for the rest of the students and staff at OSU, Boden said it was weird for a while, but the attack didn’t change the campus.

“After it happened and the next day, I stayed in my room because I was too scared to leave. I was walking past the location of the attack and the entire area was really quiet. Everyone was supportive of each other and made sure we were all safe. My Intro to African Art and Archeology professor was crying the next day because she didn’t want her Somalian students to be discriminated against,” Boden said. “By this point, the campus has gone back to normal. It almost seems like everyone has forgotten what happened, but we haven’t.”

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College scare