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New Club: MUSE

Maya Wijiweera, Of the Talon Staff

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Over the summer, sophomore Lois Westland decided to establish a new club that will be teaching students about gender equality and the meaning of feminism throughout the school year.

Westland wants to build cognizance around the subject by participating in the Homecoming parade and gathering interest in the community.

“We want to raise awareness and have a presence in the Homecoming parade. We are trying to get t-shirts ordered in so we have them by Homecoming,” Westland said.

Westland said that at the first MUSE meeting, the members shared why they wanted to be in the group.

“A lot of the answers were about how they wanted to learn what feminism is, which is great,” Westland said.

To help build more awareness surrounding the topic, College Admissions Specialist and sponsor of MUSE, Ivy Hutchinson said the club hosted a booth at the Festival of Nations and plan to create multiple drives to support numerous organizations, including the Women’s Immigrant and Refugee program.

“We’re going to be working with the Women’s Immigrant and Refugee organization in St. Louis as one of our first recipients for a drive,” Hutchinson said. “We want to have guest speakers once a month, host movie nights, and poetry slams.”

Westland is a strong believer of the cause and is proud to be apart of such an organization.

“Not only is (MUSE) standing up for other people, but it’s a total act of self love to really stand up for what you believe in and fight for what you believe is right,” Westland said

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New Club: MUSE