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Vintage Hitchcock

Nicole Gutierrez, Of the Talon Staff

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On Aug. 28 and 29, Theater Director Katherine Fischer held auditions for the upcoming fall play ‘Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play’. Set in a 1940s radio station, the play consists of three Hitchcock plays as well as some commercials. In preparation for the play, Fischer said she first began by applying for the script in order to get permission from both the publisher and the school. After getting permission and ordering copies of the script Fischer said she then plans for auditions and discusses the play’s set with Tech Director Andrea Martin. This year Fischer said she chose to have people audition differently than previous years. Instead of preparing a monologue beforehand Fischer said auditioners received what they needed when auditions start.
“I want to look at voice and variety of voice since the actors will be playing possibly different characters,” Fischer said. “Voice is especially important in this show because in the 40s they didn’t have TV so they really had to depend on their voices to tell the story.”
Fischer said she plans to stress vocal training during the cast’s rehearsal. Some of the cast will be challenged with the task of performing with accents for the show, such as a Russian and transatlantic accent. In addition to voice, live sound effects are very important in the play, with over 100 different sound effects. Two cast members will play the part of sound engineers and be required to make the live sound effects. Fischer said she chose the play because she wanted something new and different.
“People know Hitchcock, he’s a famous author, movie director, had his own TV show and lots of famous plays. But it’s called Vintage Hitchcock because these are plays he wrote before those. I thought it would be cool because they don’t know these stories,” Fischer said.
Stage Manager senior Ally Comegys is also excited for the show. She said she is excited that it is different and that this play isn’t like a normal play the school does.
“The play is dark, funny, suspenseful, and it’s kind of scary at some points,” Comegys said.
Comegys’s job is to help Fischer keep everything and everyone in line. She says she makes sure the cast is memorizing their lines, that the actors are well prepared, and that their paperwork is done among many other duties.
“I’m basically the mom of the group; I help them with everything they need. I’m there to keep them in check,” Comegys said.
Comegys and Fischer will be preparing along with the cast and crew multiple times a week in order to be ready for ‘Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play’ which will be performed Nov. 2 through 4.
“It’s something new and different and I think it’s going to be exciting for most cast and crew,” Fischer said.

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Vintage Hitchcock