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Ethan Groves, Of the Talon Staff

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The Robotics Team, sponsored by science teacher Angela Schneider, had their first meeting on Aug 29 with 12 members present.

The school’s Robotics Team is part of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) which is an intermediate league where the competitors all build one small robot to perform a large task or multiple tasks at meets or at qualifiers. There are two meets a year and one qualifier where the teams compete against each other to advance to further competitions. The teams that score the most points get to advance past qualifiers. The team’s robot can score points by performing many tasks during the event.

There are many schools that take part in these competitions including all of the schools in the district. Teams have the potential of competing in world championships if they advance through the preliminary rounds.

Schneider said that she wanted to take the Robotics Team over when she switched schools from Mccluer South Berkeley. She has high hopes for this year and hopes to see more competition from the club even though “we are the smallest school in the district in regards to robotics,” Schneider said.

Senior Andrew Braun is a higher ranking on the team because of his age and experience, but he said he wants to be a leader of the club this year. Both Schneider and Braun agreed that they have seen more competitive spirits through

the years of this club. Braun joined his freshman year and said he wants to see more improvement with the club this year.

“We didn’t do the best when I joined, so now I’m expecting to do a lot better because I have had a lot more experience and know how to make the team and robot better,” Braun said.

Braun explained that he wanted the team to continue through the years and to see improvement within the club throughout this year.

“I hope [the team] continues with the way things have been going, even though we haven’t been doing the best the past couple years. I hope that turns around with all the new people joining,” Braun said.

Schneider leaked information that she believes the large task for this year’s qualifier is called Relic Recovery which would involve a search for a determined object. As well as Braun, Schneider has very high hopes for this upcoming year as well. She expressed her opinion on how this season will play out for the team.

“I want our team to be the ones who build the robot because it’s their robot and their choices. I really would like to see this team grow because it’s all about working together and accomplishing a goal,” Schneider said.

Braun and Schneider shared a common like of the teamwork involved with this club and how it’s about a lot more than just making a robot. Braun discussed his favorite things about the club and his expectations for this year.

“The people in [the club] are really awesome and we have some very good connections. I would say I have high expectations for this season,” Braun said.

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