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Radio: theater of the mind

Radio personality talks to KFTN 92.7

Tyler Patterson, Web Editor

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St. Charles politician and long time radio personality, Mike Elam, came and visited the 1st hour Radio Production class.  He shared with them his past in the radio business and a little bit about how the radio business operates.  He told them that his favorite thing about radio is that in television and newspaper they show you a picture and everyone sees the same picture, but “radio is the theater of the mind” and when the DJ says something everyone sees it differently in their own mind.  He also shared with them a list of ways to survive in Radio.  He said to make sure you keep a list of everything you’re going to talk about before you go on air, you have to know your audience so you can remain relatable, and you have to make sure you’re talking about what’s going on right now.  There were many questions asked of him and some students who want to actually go into radio got his email so they can follow up and learn more about their future careers. 

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Radio: theater of the mind