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Inside the press box: an unseen team

The men who catch and record it all above the field

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At almost every home football game Andrew Neil, Brian Massey, and Rolland Garrison are up in the press box announcing the game, keeping time and taking stats.

It is a Friday night. The football team has a home game as the students watch the game they hear the voice of Neil over the speakers announcing the plays on the field. Behind the voice so many more things are going on. The three men say they work together to make sure that their jobs in the box are done properly. Each person in there has their own individual job, but they do interfere with each other. While there are so many things happening not only in the box but also on the field, Garrison said how sometimes while writing down stats he can miss who made a specific play.

“If I am writing something down Neil or Massey will help me out, and figure out the number of the person who made the play and tell me that,” Garrison said.

While a lot of teamwork goes on to make sure the game runs smoothly each person has a lot to focus on in the box. Massey runs the official clock during the football games. He
explained while working clock he has a lot of specific things to keep track of.

“While running the clock I need to keep track of downs, when the clock is turned off and on, and all timeouts,” Massey said.

While announcing the game Neil also has many things he needs to focus on. Garrison said how he helps with looking at the number of players on the other team and calling them out. Neil said while making sure he is announcing the game properly he also needs to come up with ways to entertain the crowd.

“It is fun coming up with material during down time so the crowd doesn’t get bored, but it can also be difficult at times,” Neil said.

When Massey is running the clock he said that he needs to make sure that he does things the way officials like. He said he has to check with them before game and is given specific information differing with each official.

“I meet with the officials an hour before the game and they tell me how they like specific things done,” Massey said.

As Neil is announcing the game Garrison said how he helps him out sometimes with what to call out to the fans. He said how he will inform him of who made what exact play.

“I will sometimes say to Neil that number 0 John Smith, intercepted the catch and ran the ball 15 yards if he misses the play. Then he will announce what I said to him over the speakers,” Garrison said.

While each person in the box has their own individual job they are all interconnected. Neil said how they are a team and all depend on each other.

“We all work together as a team in the box to make sure everything is done correctly. If someone misses something that happened on the field someone else will help him out,” Neil said.

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Inside the press box: an unseen team