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Jake Sadler: shoe fanatic

Student shares interesting story about his shoe collection

Kennedy Lawrence, Of The Talon Staff

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Senior Jake Sadler refers to himself as a ‘shoe fanatic’ due to the fact that he owns 20 pairs of shoes, all different brands and styles, that he has acquired in only nine months. Sadler said he started getting interested in shoes about three years ago. His most expensive pair is around $150.

“I paid for about half of my shoes,” Sadler said. “The other pairs are from my birthday or Christmas. I also always get a few new pairs before school starts.”

Although Sadler has many shoes, he said he does, in fact, have a favorite pair.

“My favorites are my Nike Air Mavin Lows. They are low-cut basketball shoes,” Sadler said. “They are very comfortable and the toe of the shoe has a fluorescent purple when the light shines off of it in a certain way.”

Sadler said that he tries to keep all of his shoes in the best condition possible by wearing them in moderation.

“I spread out when I wear certain pairs so each pair will last longer,” Sadler said.

Sadler said he could potentially own a lot of shoes by the end of the year if he continues to purchase them at the same rate.

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Jake Sadler: shoe fanatic