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‘Ouija: Origins of Evil’ movie review

Surpassing the original 'Ouija,' the sequel enters theaters October 21, 2016

Sophie Pupillo, Of The Talon staff

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Doris (Lulu Wilson) in Ouija: Origin of Evil

Doris (Lulu Wilson) in Ouija: Origin of Evil looking through the scroll piece of the Ouija board to see spirits.

The sequel to ‘Ouija,’  ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ tells the story of a family who encounters many obstacles as evil spirits begin to tear them apart.

The movie opens on the Zander family. Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser) started a scam psychic business after her husband died using props and illusions to make her clients believe they are communicating with their dead loved ones. The Zanders are trying to survive on the little money they make from the scheme they run. Everything is all a scam at first but when Alice brings home a Ouija board unnatural events start occurring. The youngest of the two Zander daughters, Doris Zander (Lulu Wilson) becomes intrigued by the board and decides to try to communicate with her deceased father.

‘Ouijas’ director Mike Flanagan, creates a backstory for the characters that cause views to relate to them. Lina Zander (Annalise Basso) who plays the older daughter is one of the more relatable characters in the movie because she is the only person who initially thinks something’s not right about what starts happening to Dorris. She tries to explain that something is not right with her sister, but not one listens to her. Her desire to fix things but continuously being ignored causes viewers to symphonize with her. The audience becomes attached to each character and begins to worry about how things will end up. The connection to each character is also a downfall as the writers chose to have a devastating ending that does not leave the audience satisfied with the outcome.

The family learns quickly why their Ouija board experience went so awry when they discover that their home is actually the final resting place of many tortured souls. When Doris starts using the board, the spirits begin communicating with her and use her a a vessel to speak with the living. What the family and customers do not understand is that they are actually communicating with the victims of an evil doctor that brutally murdered survivors of the holocaust. Doris starts to feel physical distress and the shortly after becomes possessed by one of the spirits.

The movie has very few extremely suspenseful scenes. At the ending there is one big horror scene that puts viewers on the edge of their seats. It is one of the only scenes where many frightening things happen. In the last ten minutes of the movie, almost all the mysteries are discovered and many deaths take place. While those final moments are very eventful it leaves the rest of the movie a little dry for viewers looking for a good scare.

The movie surely surpasses the original ‘Ouija’ and is a pleasantly surprising sequel. The movie sets the mood of the 70s with the filter over the whole production and other small touches throughout the movie. The movie is not soaked with blood, but gives a genuine eerie feel for viewers. ‘Ouija’ is the perfect Halloween movie for viewers looking for a scare but not gore.  

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‘Ouija: Origins of Evil’ movie review