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Editorial Policy

The Talon welcomes letters to the editor, but because of space limitations, we request that they be no more than 250 words. All letters must be signed, but The Talon will withhold names upon request. The Talon has the right to accept, reject or edit any letter at any time and will not run personal attacks. Non-bylined editorials are the opinion held by The Talon staff, but are not necessarily the opinion of the adviser or administrators. The Talon provides an open forum for students and staff and strives to present news in a non-bias, timely fashion. Guest commentaries are the opinion of the writer and not the opinion held by The Talon staff, adviser, or administrators. The Talon reserves the right to accept, reject, or edit any guest commentaries. Any Rockwood Summit staff members are eligible to submit a guest commentary. A guest commentary must be educational in nature. The Talon will not run personal attacks, rants, or non-academic pieces.


    • Editorials: The editorial page of The Talon will consist of staff editorials, signed editorials or columns, letters to the editor, cartoons, and the Falcon Forum of sampled student opinion. Topics for editorials will be decided by editors and written by the Editor-in-Chief in order to represent a majority view of the staff. Editorials will be unsigned.
    • Diversity: In the mission to report unbiased and detailed coverage of life at Summit, The Talon shall reflect the diversity of students, faculty, staff, and administration. In addition to this, participation in student publications at Summit shall be open to all students, regardless of race, religion, creed, cultural background, gender, or physical challenges.
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Editorial Policy