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Staff Contract


I, _________________________, have read and discussed The Rockwood Summit Talon Staff Manual. I understand I must abide by the rules, guidelines, and expectations listed in the manual. I understand that if I break a rule, guideline, or expectation, I am subject to:

  • Lose my editorship
  • Lose certain staff privileges
  • Lose my press pass
  • Lose my Quill & Scroll officer position
  • Lose my Quill & Scroll membership
  • A failing grade in the class
  • Removal from the staff
  • Other punishments, listed in the manual or by the discretion of the adviser


I understand the privilege and responsibility the press has. I will act honorably and with integrity when representing The Talon and in my daily life.


I will abide by the Code of Ethics made by the Society of Professional Journalists:

  • Seek truth and report it
  • Minimize harm
  • Act independently
  • Be accountable and transparent


I will exercise my first amendment rights to accurately and fairly report on Rockwood Summit’s life, events, and culture that includes or impacts the school and district community.

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The student news site of Rockwood Summit High School
Staff Contract